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In addition to the numerous volunteer developers (see CONTRIBUTORS),
the following organizations have provided financial or other support for
The National Science Foundation
The NSF was the primary funding source for Squid development
from 1996-2000. Two grants (#NCR-9616602, #NCR-9521745)
received through the Advanced Networking Infrastructure
and Research (ANIR) Division were administered by the
University of California San Diego.
MARA Systems AB -
MARA systems has sponsored the bug fixing and maintentnance for
most Squid-2.5 releases, and a number of new features to be found
in Squid-3.
Swell Technology -
Swell Technology provides ongoing development and testing
support to the Squid project, as well as hardware donations
for Squid developers.
Picture IQ -
Bought simple support for the Vary header, to help their
accelerator setups.
SGI has provided hardware donations for Squid developers.
craigslist -
craigslist has provided funding in recognition of the
vital role squid plays in their web serving architecture.
webwasher AG -
webwasher AG paid for improvements to Squid's iCAP client
implementation. You can find the results of this work at
iiNet Ltd -
iiNet Ltd contributed significant development resources to
Squid during its early stages and was instrumental in its
early adoption in the local internet community. iiNet has also
recently supplied equipment to help develop and test the WCCPv2
implementation in Squid-2.6 and Squid-3.
Yahoo! Inc. -
Yahoo! Inc. supported the development of improved refresh
logics. Many thanks to Yahoo! Inc. for supporting the development
of these features.
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