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v1.2 Release Notes
* Restore
- added embedded squid download cache to make it easier to retry
failed multi-GB restores without resorting to suicide
- fixed root cause of the mysql max packet issue by limiting extended
insert to 1MB chunks
* Backup
- session resume allows you to recover from aborted backup sessions
- multipart parallel S3 uploads
- skip backup components
- finer full-backup frequencies (hourly, minutely)
- don't upload asynchronously (slower but less confusing)
- added --force-profile option to make it easier to force a different
backup profile
* General
TKLBAM_CONF and TKLBAM_REGISTRY environment variables allow multiple
configurations of TKLBAM to be run on the same machine
- embedded new versions of duplicity (0.6.18) and python-boto (2.3.0)
* Development
- added --debug option for backup and restore commands
- added wrappers to internal commands
* Bugfixes:
- log TKLBAM exceptions
- many others