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v1.3 Release Notes
* Database support
- PostgreSQL support (tested on Squeeze and Wheezy)
- MySQL support for views and triggers
* Improved backup
- Added --raw-upload option
- Added --dump option (dumps backup extract to directory)
- Removed -s shorthand for --simulate
* Improved restore
- Added --raw-download option
- Added --simulate option
- Reduced noise in output
- Support restoring backup extract
* Hooks
- Added "inspect" state to hooks mechanism
- Added tklbam-hooks documentation
* Updated and expanded (e.g., FAQ)
* Bugfixes
- backup
- ignore Unix sockets
- didn't catch Hub API exceptions (e.g., unresolvable hostname)
- fixed fallback to cached values when Hub is unreachable
- register socket into fsdelta as a status path, not an overwrite
- chunkify repeats a chunk if the last element is larger than maxlen
- backup bugfix: --quiet shouldn't cancel --simulate
- backup pre hook should run before backup starts
- restore
- fix permissions and ownership for empty directories
- apply overlay non-destructively by copying rather than moving files
- fixed usage description for --time
- mysql doesn't like it when you drop the mysql database
- don't move files to rollback if they don't exist in the overlay
- fixed tklbam-restore usage regression: --l => --limits
* Development
- Fixed regtest and made more robust, added README
- Major refactorings (code readability and scalability)
- removed HTML and manpages from docs/ (these are automatically generated files)
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