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cd $(dirname $0)
usage() {
1>&2 cat<<EOF
Syntax: $0 [ --options ]
Regression test.
--createrefs Internal command which re-creates reference files in REF.
Environment variables:
BIN Path to tklbam source (default: $BIN)
REF Path to test reference (default: $REF)
DEBUG Turn on debugging. Increases verbosity.
exit 1
[ -z "$BIN" ] && BIN=".."
[ -z "$REF" ] && REF="ref"
if [ "$1" = "-h" ]; then
for arg; do
case "$arg" in
rm -f $REF/results/*
[ -n "$DEBUG" ] && set -x
rm -rf ./testdir && tar xf $REF/testdir.tar
# test index creation
cmd dirindex --create index testdir
cp ./index ./index.orig
testresult ./index "dirindex creation"
# test index creation with limitation
cmd dirindex --create index -- ./testdir/ -testdir/subdir/ testdir/subdir/subsubdir
testresult ./index "dirindex creation with limitation"
# test dirindex comparison
cd ./testdir/
mv {file,file-renamed}
ln -sf file-renamed link
mv emptydir emptydir-renamed
echo changed >> subdir/file2
chgrp 666 subdir/file2
echo foo > subdir/subsubdir/file4
chown 666 subdir/subsubdir/file4
rm subdir/subsubdir/file3
mkdir new
touch new/empty
chown 666 chown
chgrp 666 chgrp
chmod 000 chmod
chown 666:666 subdir
chmod 750 subdir/subsubdir
cd ../
cmd dirindex ./index.orig testdir/ > delta
cp delta delta.orig
testresult ./delta "dirindex comparison"
cd ./testdir/
chmod 700 subdir/
chown 0 chown
chmod 644 chmod
chown 1:1 subdir/subsubdir
rm subdir/subsubdir/file4
cd ../
cmd fixstat -s ./delta.orig > ./fixstat
testresult ./fixstat "fixstat simulation"
cmd fixstat -s ./delta.orig testdir/subdir > ./fixstat
testresult ./fixstat "fixstat simulation with limitation"
cmd fixstat -s ./delta.orig -- testdir -testdir/subdir > fixstat
testresult ./fixstat "fixstat simulation with exclusion"
cmd fixstat -u 666,777:111,222 -g 666,777:111,222 -v ./delta.orig > ./fixstat
testresult ./fixstat "fixstat with uid and gid mapping"
cmd fixstat -u 666,777:111,222 -g 666,777:111,222 -v ./delta.orig > ./fixstat
testresult ./fixstat "fixstat repeated - nothing to do"
cmd dirindex ./index.orig -- testdir/subdir/ -testdir/subdir/subsubdir > delta
testresult ./delta "dirindex comparison with limitation"
cmd dirindex ./index.orig -- testdir/ -testdir/subdir testdir/subdir/subsubdir > delta
testresult ./delta "dirindex comparison with inverted limitation"
cd ./testdir
touch file
touch subdir/subsubdir/file3
cd ../
cmd delete -s ./delta.orig > delete
testresult ./delete "delete simulation"
cmd delete -s ./delta.orig testdir/subdir > delete
testresult ./delete "delete simulation with limitation"
cmd delete -v ./delta.orig > delete
testresult ./delete "delete"
cmd delete -v ./delta.orig > delete
testresult ./delete "delete repeated - nothing to do"
rm -rf testdir
rm -f index index.orig delta delta.orig fixstat delete
cmd merge-userdb $REF/old-passwd $REF/old-group $REF/new-passwd $REF/new-group merged-passwd merged-group > merge-maps
testresult-exact merged-passwd "merge-userdb passwd"
testresult-exact merged-group "merge-userdb group"
testresult-exact merge-maps "merge-userdb output maps"
rm -f merged-passwd merged-group merge-maps
cmd newpkgs $REF/base-packages $REF/old-packages | sort > delta-packages
testresult-exact ./delta-packages "newpkgs"
rm -f delta-packages
cmd newpkgs-install -s -i $REF/newpkgs_install > newpkgs-install
testresult-exact ./newpkgs-install "newpkgs-install simulation"
rm -f newpkgs-install
cmd mysql2fs --fromfile $REF/testsql -D myfs -v > mysql2fs-output
testresult-exact mysql2fs-output "mysql2fs verbose output"
rm -f mysql2fs-output
tar cf myfs.tar myfs
md5sum myfs.tar > myfs-md5
testresult-exact myfs-md5 "mysql2fs myfs.tar md5sum"
cmd fs2mysql -v --tofile=sql ./myfs > fs2mysql-output
testresult-exact fs2mysql-output "fs2mysql verbose output"
testresult-exact sql "fs2mysql tofile=sql"
rm -rf myfs myfs.tar myfs-md5 fs2mysql-output sql