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The goal of this regression test suite is to minimize regressions when hacking
on easily broken TKLBAM internals. It works in a fairly crude manner by
comparing previously saved outputs to current outputs from TKLBAM internals.
This mechanism is not designed to be cross-system compatible. Minor things like
the size of your filesystem block size being different from my filesystem block
size may cause tests to fail.

So before you begin hacking on TKLBAM, make sure all tests pass on the regtest.
This will be your initial reference point. If you haven't made any changes and
part of the regtest already fails this is most likely due to minor differences
between your system and the development system that created these references in
the first place. In that case, just recreate the reference point files, as shown

Once all tests pass, you can rerun the regtest to make sure you haven't broken
anything covered by the regtest.


Recreate the regression test references::
    $ ./ --createrefs

Regtest references may need to be recreated on new architectures/filesystems
(see note below).

Run the regression test::

    $ ./ 
    OK: 1 - dirindex creation
    OK: 2 - dirindex creation with limitation
    OK: 3 - dirindex comparison
    OK: 4 - fixstat simulation
    OK: 5 - fixstat simulation with limitation
    OK: 6 - fixstat simulation with exclusion
    OK: 7 - fixstat with uid and gid mapping
    OK: 8 - fixstat repeated - nothing to do
    OK: 9 - dirindex comparison with limitation
    OK: 10 - dirindex comparison with inverted limitation
    OK: 11 - delete simulation
    OK: 12 - delete simulation with limitation
    OK: 13 - delete
    OK: 14 - delete repeated - nothing to do
    OK: 15 - merge-userdb passwd
    OK: 16 - merge-userdb group
    OK: 17 - merge-userdb output maps
    OK: 18 - newpkgs
    OK: 19 - newpkgs-install simulation
    OK: 20 - mysql2fs verbose output
    OK: 21 - mysql2fs myfs.tar md5sum
    OK: 22 - fs2mysql verbose output
    OK: 23 - fs2mysql tofile=sql