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13.0 Status Summary

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As described on TurnKey 13.0 ready for community development, this page will be used to summarize the status of TurnKey 13.0's development.

Throughout the development process, commits to all appliances and sub-components will be pushed out to GitHub in real-time. We'll also be reviewing all existing and future pull requests we encourage anyone interested in leaving their mark on TurnKey to step in and collaborate with us.

We're hoping to gradually turn TurnKey releases into a community effort. Many hands make light work as the saying goes so we'd like to encourage everyone interested in making Linux and open source software easier to use to get involved!

How to get involved

  • Testing: The easiest to get started is to test a successfully built image, and mark it appropriately. If you encounter an issue, please add it to the tracker. Going one step further, you can fix it as well.

  • Fixing builds: Each failed build has an issue with the traceback identifying the failure. Once the issue is fixed, we'll rebuild the appliance to verify it passes.

Appliance library changes


All issues pertaining to the 13.0 release can be found on the tracker.

Failed builds (13.0rc3)

  • appflower
  • sencha
  • canvas
  • icescrum
  • gitlab
  • postgresql
  • rails
  • redmine
  • revision-control
  • tracks

Failed builds (13.0rc2)

  • asp-net-apache
  • bugzilla
  • canvas
  • clipbucket
  • codeigniter
  • deki
  • django
  • drupal6
  • drupal7
  • ejabberd
  • gitlab
  • lapp
  • limesurvey
  • magento
  • mahara
  • mantis
  • mediawiki
  • mongodb
  • mysql
  • osqa
  • otrs
  • owncloud
  • pligg
  • postgresql
  • rails
  • redmine
  • revision-control
  • sencha
  • silverstripe
  • tracks
  • twiki
  • vtiger
  • zurmo
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