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v0.5 Release Notes

* bugfixes:

  - Command: terminate shouldn't wait gracetime if process dies sooner
  - Stdtrap: prevent deadlock from rare race condition

* stdtrap: added tee functionality, which allows streaming trapped data
  into logfile[s]


v0.4 Release Notes

* Parallelize

  - support retry logic via magic exception

  - allow jobs to manipulate their inputs (passed as an object

  - support deferred executors: allows creation of worker instances to
    be parallelized as well.

  - added keepalive_spare support: this lets us keep around a spare
    worker which may come in handy if a worker fails right at the end of
    the job.

  - added docstring to explain usage

  - many bugfixes

* Command

  - added callback to wait method


v0.3 Release Notes

* added the following modules

  - multiprocessing_utils: multiprocessing related utilities
  - threadloop: simplified Thread interface (background loop)
  - stdtrap: trap stdout/stderr
  - paths: Pythonic interface to filesystem paths
  - popen4: popen4 with extra features (ptys, runas, setpgrp)
  - command: a high-level command execution module
  - fifobuffer: file-like FIFO buffer that allows you to read back out
    what you previously wrote in.


v0.2 Release Notes

* added the following modules:

  - lazyclass (lazy class evaluation)
  - netinfo (nic information)
  - sysversion (system fingerprinting)
  - pidlock (robust pid-specific lockfile)


v0.1 Release Notes

* Initial release, includes:

    - conffile: configuration file class targeted at shell type conf files
    - executil: high-level convenience functions for command execution
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