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This module provides a means to add keyword expansion of the following
standard RCS tags to your git projects:
The mechanism used are filters. The smudge filter is run on checkout, and the
clean filter is run on commit. The tags are only expanded on the local disk,
not in the repository itself.
To start, you need to add the following to ~/.gitconfig:
[filter "rcs-keywords"]
clean = .git_filters/rcs-keywords.clean
smudge = .git_filters/rcs-keywords.smudge %f
Then, to add keyword expansion, simply add these files to your project:
<project>/.gitattributes - *.c filter=rcs-keywords
<project>/.git_filters/rcs-keywords.smudge - copy this file to project
<project>/.git_filters/rcs-keywords.clean - copy companion to project
Note: This feature is known not to work in git and 1.7.3.*, and
verified to work in git and 1.7.4.msysgit.0