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  1. Setup a new AppEngine project.

  2. Change to the golapa/golapa/golapa directory.

  3. Edit app.yaml and change <PROJECT-ID-HERE> to your AppEngine Project ID.

  4. Edit appengine.go and replace <APPENGINE-EMAIL-SENDER> with the email address of the owner of your AppEngine project. Then, replace <RECIPIENT> with the email address that should receive new signup details.

  5. Download and extract the Go AppEngine SDK from https://developers.google.com/appengine/downloads.

  6. Optionally, download and install Sass if you'd like to make CSS changes

  7. To test the app locally, run /path/to/appengine/sdk/goapp serve . from the golapa/golapa/golapa directory

  8. Browse to http://localhost:8080

  9. Tweak the templates in /path/to/golapa/templates/ as desired, update CSS in /path/to/golapa/static/css/sass/launch.scss (rebuild via the Sass instructions above), and add any images to /path/to/golapa/static/images/

  10. Deploy to AppEngine. Enter the base directory of this project and run /path/to/appengine/sdk/goapp deploy .

Turret.IO Support

Golapa now supports Turret.IO as an alternative to sending an email when a user signs up.

By default, users that sign up will have an attribute signedup set to 1 making it easy to create a target for those users

  • Get the Turret.IO Go client
> goapp get github.com/turretIO/turret-io-go
  • Add the Turret.IO Go client library to the list of imports in appengine.go
import (
	_ "fmt"
const api_key = "<YOUR TURRET.IO API KEY>"
const api_secret = "<YOUR TURRET.IO API SECRET>"
  • Uncomment the ServeHTTP method of AppEngineTurret in appengine.go

  • Edit appengine.go and change http.HandleFunc("/worker", newAppEngineEmailHandler) to http.HandleFunc("/worker", newAppEngineTurret)

Re-deploy your app and check for errors. Be sure to test that users are successfully being added to whatever targets you create with Turret.IO

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