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import {
} from "../src";
const registration: IAppserviceRegistration = {
as_token: "change_me",
hs_token: "change_me",
sender_localpart: "_example_bot",
namespaces: {
users: [{
regex: "@_example_.*:localhost",
exclusive: true,
groupId: null,
rooms: [],
aliases: [],
console.log("Setting up appservice with in-memory storage");
const storage = new MemoryStorageProvider();
const options: IAppserviceOptions = {
bindAddress: "",
port: 9000,
homeserverName: "localhost",
homeserverUrl: "http://localhost:8008",
storage: storage,
registration: registration,
joinStrategy: new SimpleRetryJoinStrategy(),
const appservice = new Appservice(options);
appservice.on("room.event", (roomId, event) => {
console.log(`Received event ${event["event_id"]} (${event["type"]}) from ${event["sender"]} in ${roomId}`);
appservice.on("room.message", (roomId, event) => {
if (!event["content"]) return;
if (event["content"]["msgtype"] !== "m.text") return;
const body = event["content"]["body"];
console.log(`Received message ${event["event_id"]} from ${event["sender"]} in ${roomId}: ${body}`);
// We'll create fake ghosts based on the event ID. Typically these users would be mapped
// by some other means and not arbitrarily. The ghost here also echos whatever the original
// user said.
const intent = appservice.getIntentForSuffix(event["event_id"].toLowerCase().replace(/[^a-z0-9]/g, '_'));
intent.sendText(roomId, body, "m.notice");
appservice.on("query.user", (userId, createUser) => {
// This is called when the homeserver queries a user's existence. At this point, a
// user should be created. To do that, give an object or Promise of an object in the
// form below to the createUser function (as shown). To prevent the creation of a user,
// pass false to createUser, like so: createUser(false);
console.log(`Received query for user ${userId}`);
display_name: "Test User",
avatar_mxc: "mxc://localhost/somewhere",
// Note: The following 3 handlers only fire for appservice users! These will NOT be fired
// for everyone.
appservice.on("room.invite", (roomId, inviteEvent) => {
console.log(`Received invite for ${inviteEvent["state_key"]} to ${roomId}`);
appservice.on("room.join", (roomId, joinEvent) => {
console.log(`Joined ${roomId} as ${joinEvent["state_key"]}`);
appservice.on("room.leave", (roomId, leaveEvent) => {
console.log(`Left ${roomId} as ${leaveEvent["state_key"]}`);
appservice.begin().then(() => console.log("Appservice started"));