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@turt2live turt2live released this Mar 20, 2020 · 9 commits to master since this release


  • Added support for MSC2448.
  • Added support for specifying a region to the S3 provider.
  • Pass-through the Accept-Language header for URL previews, with options to set a default.
  • Experimental support for IPFS.
  • Consistent inclusion of a charset for certain text Content-Types.
  • New metrics for the cache composition reality (media_cache_num_live_bytes_used and media_cache_num_live_items).


  • Fixed thumbnails producing the wrong result.
  • Fixed expireAfterDays for thumbnails potentially deleting media under some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where items could be double-counted (but not double-stored) in the cache.
  • Fixed the cache metrics reporting inaccurate values.
  • Fixed a general memory leak in the cache due to inaccurate counting of items in the cache.


  • Updated to Go 1.14
  • Updated the Grafana dashboard and moved it in-tree.
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