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A bot to measure latency between homeservers, as perceived by users.


Assuming Go 1.9 is already installed on your PATH:

# Get it
git clone
cd matrix-monitor-bot

# Set up the build tools
export GOPATH="$currentDir/vendor/src:$currentDir/vendor:$currentDir:"$GOPATH
go get
export PATH=$PATH":$currentDir/vendor/bin:$currentDir/vendor/src/bin"

# Build it
gb vendor restore
gb build

# Configure it (edit monitor-bot.yaml to meet your needs)
cp config.sample.yaml monitor-bot.yaml

# Run it

Installing in Alpine Linux

The steps are almost the same as above. The only difference is that gb build will not work, so instead use the following lines:

go build -o bin/monitor_bot ./src/


/path/to/matrix-monitor-bot should always be pointed to a folder that has your monitor-bot.yaml file in it. If the config file does not exist, one will be created for you (and promptly not work because it doesn't have a valid config). A folder named logs will also be created here (assuming you use the default configuration).

From Docker Hub:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -v /path/to/matrix-monitor-bot:/data turt2live/matrix-monitor-bot

Build the image yourself:

git clone
cd matrix-monitor-bot
docker build -t matrix-monitor-bot .
docker run -p 8080:8080 -v /path/to/matrix-monitor-bot:/data matrix-monitor-bot

Prometheus Metrics

If metrics are enabled in your config, matrix-monitor-bot will serve up metrics for scraping by Prometheus. Every metric that is exported is a Histogram metric. The following metrics are exported:

  • monbot_ping_send_delay_seconds - Number of seconds for the origin to send a ping to their homeserver
  • monbot_ping_receive_delay_seconds - Number of seconds for a bot to receive a ping
  • monbot_ping_time_seconds - Total number of seconds for a ping to go through (from the remote bot to the receiver)


TODO: This section

  • How the bot measures things
  • What the Prometheus metrics are
  • Why the bot uses and not a custom event
  • Why the bot uses messages for pongs instead of read receipts
  • Why the display name gets overwritten and how it is used
  • Why someone should run this on their server


A bot to measure latency between homeservers, as perceived by users.




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