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Turtl desktop

Opening an issue? See the Turtl project tracker

This is the desktop app wrapper around the Turtl core. It provides a native experience for Windows, Linux, and OSx allowing local packaging of Turtl for desktop platforms.


Let's assume you have Node.js/NPM install already. Make sure you have NWJS installed on your machine and in your PATH. Also the rsync utility is used throughout the Turtl build processes, so please make sure you have it installed.

mkdir turtl
cd turtl/
git clone
# make sure to follow the build instructions for turtl core:
git clone core
git clone
cd js/
npm install
cp config/config.js.default config/config.js
cd ../desktop/
npm install
make electron-rebuild

NOTE (mostly to self): in windows, run electron-rebuild in cmd, not in msys2/cygwin. Something with paths, npm, etc etc etc. Who the hell knows.


There are a few targets, but the most gratifying is

make run

Which runs the build and opens electron with Turtl loaded.