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Firefox extension for .trtl TLD
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TRTL-DNS addon for Firefox lets you surf .trtl, and OpenNIC domains, and other OpenNIC peered domains.

TRTL-DNS is a public web resolver. It operates at (API description is coming soon).

For the list of OpenNIC support domain names see the full list.

Installing Production Version

Download the extension from the Firefox Addons site: .trtl DNS

Installing Debug Version

  1. Open Add-ons Manager tab: click on the button with 3 horizontal lines, then click on Add-ons button.
  2. Open debug page: click on the icon with a cog, then click on Debug Add-ons item. (This and the previous step can be replaced by direct navigation to about:debugging#addons.)
  3. In the tab that has just opened, click on Load Temporary Add-on button.
  4. Select the extension's directory, then select the manifest file. The directory should contain all files from the Firefox GitHub repository.
  5. Once the open dialog is submitted, a new extension should appear in the list. Press Ctrl+Shift+J - this will open console window.
  6. In a regular Firefox tab, navigate to a resource in question (e.g. edu.trtl) - you will notice the console window is populated with lines. Select them and copy to clipboard. Then submit the log along with your GitHub issue.
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