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Block explorer for TurtleCoin CryptoNote based cryptocurrency.


  1. It takes data from daemon turtlecoind. It should be accessible from the Internet. Run turtlecoind with open port as follows:
./TurtleCoind --enable-cors="*" --enable_blockexplorer --rpc-bind-ip= --rpc-bind-port=11898
  1. Just upload to your website and change 'api' variable in config.js to point to your daemon.


Devs: @devopsralf

Donate: [TRTL] TRTLv2RCPuD7AaaVpQkRPF59MMLx5WW3qFxwJz4Doy7dHhNA6UuQjEpLL3rpUQS4RXdQn8fb4P1XC3K62GeJjGgG8DP9LNaTrNL


A lot of this code is from the great Karbovanets/Karbowanec-Blockchain-Explorer