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You need the dotnet command line tools.


Install the dotnet sdk from here -

Once this is installed, you should have access to the dotnet executable from a standard cmd.

Alternatively you can attempt installing Visual Studio to install dotnet, however I found that it installed the wrong version for me.

Once you have the correct dotnet sdk installed (Verify by running dotnet build or another of the below commands via CLI) you can interact with the project via Visual Studio, if you like.

To do so, open up the CantiLib.sln file in Visual Studio. To run the daemon, just hit the green arrow labeled Daemon. To run the tests, choose the Test menu, then Run, then All Tests.

Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, openSUSE

(There is a drop down box to choose the distro you are using)

Arch Linux

Yep, it's a special snowflake edition

  • Install dotnet-sdk from the repos:

pacman -S dotnet-sdk


  • Run dotnet build from this base directory.


  • Enter the Daemon directory

  • Run dotnet run

  • This will launch the daemon.


  • Enter the Tests directory

  • Run dotnet test

  • This will run the test suite, and report any failures.


  • Enter the Benchmark directory

  • Run dotnet run --configuration Release


If you want to test out a few functions without having to set up a whole new project, we have provided the TestZone project for you to do this in.

  • Enter the TestZone directory

  • Run dotnet run

  • Change some code you want to experiment with

  • Run dotnet run again.

  • Happy Hacking!


The main code base is available in the CantiLib folder.


Copyright (c) 2018, The TurtleCoin Developers

Please see the included LICENSE file for more information.


Thank you to all the awesome developers who have made their software open source!

  • The CryptoNote Developers, The ByteCoin Developers, The Monero Developers
  • Diego Alejandro Gómez (For his C# version of Groestl)
  • Nabil S. Al Ramli (For his C version of OpenAES which we ported)
  • Dominik Reichl (For his C# version of Blake256)
  • Daniel J. Bernstein / djb (For his C version of ED25519, Ref10, which we ported)
  • Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen (For his C version of Keccak, which we ported)
  • Alberto Fajardo (For his C# version of Skein)
  • Pavel Kovalenko (For his tweaks to the C# version of Skein)
  • Hongjun Wu (For his C version of JH, which we ported)
  • Adrian Herridge (For his swift version of AES file encryption)
  • CodIsAFish (For his C# modification of Adrian Herridge's AES file encryption, which we modified)
  • Brian Gladman (For his C version of AESB which we ported)

If we have used your software and incorrectly attributed you, or not attributed you, please let us know!