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Monitor TurtleCoin Pools on iOS
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Pool Monitor

An Apache Cordova & AngularJS application to monitor mining stats for all major TurtleCoin mining pools running CryptoNote.

Using Pool Monitor you can get all the details regarding your TurtleCoin mining like hashrate, payments, and more.


  • Easy. Just add your wallet address and, voilà, you'll have all of the details.
  • Reliable. Pool Monitor doesn't collect or save any data on your device.
  • Safe. All APIs used are safe and verified by multiple developers and miners.
  • Open source. Pool Monitor is free and open source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code.

Available on the App Store

List of Pools Supported

Currently the app supports all of the pools listed here, where type is 'forknote':


See here.

Build Steps

The easiest way to test the application is in the browser, by using a local web server with the web root set to:


For building to iOS or Android please refer to the Apache Cordova documentation.


Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests.


Donating TRTL

If you found the app useful, TRTL is always greatly appreciated: TRTLv3m5HxMBpoJDyNFwYB7P9L4hE5ve7NshZio2GuFqRn6SDFMcZX5QPEwexAib45YV6gFrnEpkABPT8nAdGoqD16Xtv8e2xx7


This project is licensed under the GNU LGPL - see the LICENSE file for details.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

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