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One click miner GUI for xmr-stak to specifically mine the Turtlecoin
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encryptedunicorn Code for v1.0beta2
This code includes fixes compared to the previous commits and new features: help texts, automatic saving of settings and selections. Please read "This Week In TurtleCoin (July 2)" to read about all new features of beta 2.
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trtlOCMattempt Code for v1.0beta2 Jul 20, 2018

TurtleCoin OneClickMiner

One click miner GUI for xmrig and xmr-stak to specifically mine TurtleCoin

What this program does

The Turtlecoin One Click Miner is a GUI for the cryptonight mining software xmrig by @psychocrypt xmr-stak by @fireice-uk specifically designed to work with TurtleCoin (TRTL) pools.


  • Mine to your personal address!
  • Automatic selection of pools according to their ping, payout threshold and more parameters
  • Integrated pool statistics (partly implemented)
  • Show stats at specified refresh rate
  • Specify usage of CPU/GPU
  • Some advanced settings

Planned features/steps

  • Integrate pool statistics done
  • Select multiple pools under additional consideration of e.g. pool hashrate done
  • Implement/enable all available advanced options for xmr-stak
  • Clean up the code and use best practices
  • Support Linux :)

How to build

Download the repository and extract it. Open the .sln file with a recent version of Visual Studio (Community Edition / make sure you have C# packages installed). Build the project using the green run button or "Build Solution" in the Build menu. You'll find the binaries inside the project folder in the directory bin/debug/ or bin/release/. Copy trtlOCM.exe to your preferred directory and make sure to have the miner executables in the same folder as described below.


  • Mine at your own risk concerning your hardware
  • Refer to xmr-stak and xmrig
  • The program needs a specific folder structure to work. Upcoming releases wil have it bundled with the miners.

Folder structure from where the OCM is placed:

  • miners
    • xmrig
      • xmrig.exe
    • xmrigamd
      • xmrig-amd.exe
    • xmrignvidia
      • xmrig-nvidia.exe
    • xmr-stak
      • xmr-stak.exe (alongside all other necessary files)

Support this little project!

You can help by forking the project, optimizing the code and submitting pull requests. Test latest commits before I file releases!

Thanks, your EncryptedUnicorn!

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