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This is the repo where the new frontend of the existing wiki resides.

Currently deployed on a TurtleCoin subdomain using Netlify, check it out!

Contributing Guidelines

You must follow strict markdown, not GFM. Important points include-

  • links must start with ../, even if they're in the same directory
    ex -> (../Rainborg-Wat-Dat) instead of (

  • relative links without the .md extension
    ex-> (Rainborg-Wat-Dat) instead of (

  • Links are case sensitive
    Links to files in mkdocs.yml must perfectly match the casing of the actual files, and the links to these files from other places must perfectly match the casing in mkdocs.yml.


  • (a) points are to be indented under one another,

  • (b) pictures/information are to be included under a "step 1",

  • (c) codeblocks are to be made under steps/points,

    they are to be indented by 4 spaces.

  • (d) codeblocks must also start/end on a separate line.

    Note: Text given beyond this point wrapped in code blocks are just examples, observe the formatting and not what's written

    Ex (a):

    Wiki MD
    * Download wallet
      * Make a new wallet
        * give it a name
    Strict MD
    * Download a wallet
        * Make a new wallet
            * give it a name

    Ex (b):

    Wiki MD
    1. Download a wallet
    ![make wallet](wallets/images/make-wallet.png)
    In case you can't make, then just try again.
    2. Make a wallet
    Make sure you choose a strong password!
    3. Check that
      * it is saved [comfily](Being-Comfy).
    Strict MD
    1.  Download a wallet
        ![make wallet](images/make-wallet.png)
        Incase you can't make, then just try again.
    2.  Make a wallet
        Make sure you choose a strong password!
    3.  Check that
        * it is saved [comfily](../Being-Comfy). (it assumed we are in the wallets/ directory)

    Ex (c) and (d):

    Wiki MD
    1. Install Linux
    2. Enter this:
    ```sudo apt-get install
    sudo apt-get upgrade```
    Strict MD
    1.  Install Linux
    2.  Enter this:
        sudo apt-get install
        sudo apt-get upgrade

More Information on Contributing

PR -> Build -> Merge -> Publish

Whenever a PR is made, Netlify automatically builds it and serves a preview. In case the build doesn't pass(red X), then add a ninja commit to fix it.

Testing the site locally

Testing the site locally is very easy!

  1. Install mkdocs
pip install mkdocs && mkdocs --version
# mkdocs, version 0.17.1

Material requires MkDocs >= 0.17.1. (You will need to install Python if you don't already have it)

  1. Install mkdocs-material (the theme)
pip install mkdocs-material
  1. CD to where your edited version of sajodocs is located, and run the build command.
cd sajodocs
mkdocs serve
  1. Open http://localhost:8000 to check; if all went well, then the website will be visible. Check the pages you edited to make sure it all checks out!

For more rules on the markdown format to contributie, compare these 2 files from the existing wiki to this repo, and see how they shape up. These point out all differences present.

Guide 1

existing wiki

this wiki

Guide 2

existing wiki

this wiki