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Local-Turtle-Explorer 2.0

This 2.0 version uses kivy for its GUI.

The choice of Kivy is just a personal adventure which I wanted to make something out of it.

If you find any issue or have a request or suggestion please submit a new issue in the github repo.


Once you open the local explorer, it will take you to the start screen.

Your TurtleCoind daemon is set to your local host at port 11898.

Simply click Start Explorer to start the program.

alt text

Transaction Pool and Recent Blocks

When you start the explorer, the screen is going to jump to the Tx pool and recent blocks screen.

Notice that there is nothing showing on the screen because the program just started and is still synching.

Give it sometime and things will start showing up.

alt text

Once the program is fully synched you can see the recent blocks and transaction pool.

alt text

Sometimes the tx pool is empty.

It is normal because there might not always be a pending transaction in the network.

alt text


Click search at the buttom and it will take you to the search screen.

alt text

Just enter the hash or block height and you can begin to search.

Search for block

alt text

Search for transaction

alt text

If you provide a invalid hash or height you will get an error

alt text

Note: the yellow texts in the program are clickable. Once clicked, it will search the transaction or block for you accordingly. This includes the texts in the transaction pool and recent block screen.

Credits to:



Find Turtle Local Explorer in Turtlecoin repo:


My Repo:

Sabo (Revolutionary)

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