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A Text-based User Interface (TUI) Wallet for TurtleCoin
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Development Build Status



Divine, a TUI (Textual User Interface) wallet for TurtleCoin.

walletscreen screenshot


  1. nodejs

nodejs installation instructions


  1. Install Divine globally by running this command with nodeJS's included npm package manager.

npm i -g divinewallet

  1. You can now run Divine from anywhere:


Development Dependencies

  1. git

  2. typescript

npm i -g typescript

Development Setup

  1. Clone the repository

mkdir Divine && cd Divine

git clone .

  1. Install the dependencies

npm install

  1. Compile the typscript


  1. Start the program

npm start


  1. add import from keys and seed
  2. allow custom wallet directory in settings
  3. change daemon in settings
  4. allow to click / key through the transaction list and press enter for more info (hash, block explorer url, etc)
  5. add notificaton queue that you can look at the history of and "clear"
  6. add address book
  7. add one to many and tx extra encoding "advanced transactions"
  8. add support to send keys to a printer
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