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A GUI wallet for TurtleCoin, based on walletd.

Getting Started

To get started, install the prerequisites as detailed below, then look at the "Running" section


This program is written using Python 2.7.

It requires PyGObject to be installed.

It also has the following prerequisites, installed via pip

  • psutil
  • requests
  • tzlocal
  • enum34

WINDOWS: PyGObject instructions for Windows requires MSYS to be running. Some of the python packages are not permitted on this platform and additionally it adds some overhead to development. This installer installs the required GTK libs natively. The installer contains a wizard which will guide you through selecting which python environment and from there you have options of which libs you want installed: look for the GTK and glade options.


Getting this wallet running is easy.

  • Set TURTLE_HOME to the directory containing walletd OR place a copy of walletd in the current working directory.
  • Alternatively, you may still run walletd separately, if you use a custom URI:
    • export DAEMON_PORT - default is 8070
    • export DAEMON_HOST - default is
    • An example launch command for walletd that means you do not have to start the daemon (ie, Turtlecoind) alongside it would be as follows:
      ./walletd -w <wallet file name> -p <wallet password> --local --rpc-password <a password you choose for rpc>

Having installed the prerequisites, you can start it from a terminal:

# WINDOWS users would use SET instead of export here
export TURTLE_HOME=/users/myuser/TurtleCoin-linux/

And everything should start up as intended, provided you installed everything correctly.

Building an executable

This project can be built with pyinstaller, if required. This will most likely be the case for full releases.


Feel free to submit a pull request, it will be reviewed and feedback given.



This project is licensed under the LGPLv3 License.


  • RockSteady, for pointing me at the right docs
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