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This repository is the official home of all TurtleCoin documentation and should be regarded as the single source of truth for all 'official' or officially supported TurtleCoin projects. Because of the distributed, open, community-driven nature of our development teams, we believe the easiest approach to managing our documentation is to organize all of it in this central repository. This helps to avoid duplication and inconsistency and relieves contributors from having to track down and edit multiple documents in multiple places.
The community makes a best-effort to keep documentation accurate and up-to-date, but please be aware that it may not always reflect reality - code changes may be released before documentation is updated.

Instances of the Wiki

The official production TurtleCoin Wiki is at This is the URL that should be used for externally linking to the wiki (or any articles/pages within it).

This repo,, holds the raw markdown that the wiki is built from.

This repo's Github wiki ( serves as a live 'test site' for testing changes to the wiki before pushing to the official production TurtleCoin Wiki.


Changes, edits, and other contributions to the TurtleCoin documentation can be submitted as a Github Pull Request to this repository, or as a Github Issue on this repo's Issues page.
Please be granular and make a single commit per change/set of related changes (or file an Issue for each change if not directly submitting PR's). This will make reviewing changes easier and increase the speed and efficiency of getting your changes merged in.

PR > Merge > Published

Travis has been setup so that once a Pull Request has been accepted and merged, the changes will be pushed and published automatically. Keep an eye out just in case something didn't quite get caught in review, make a ninja edit (PR) to fix it up :)

Thanks and Contributors

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