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Build Status

To submit or propose changes to, submit a pull request to this repository.



This project uses Jekyll to generate a static website.


  1. Make sure you have Ruby 2.3 or newer installed.
  2. Run gem install bundler to install bundler.
  3. Run bundle install to install the dependencies of this project.
  4. Run bundle exec jekyll serve to start the development server at http://localhost:4000. See Jekyll documentation for more information.


Commits to master auto deploy via Travis CI to GitHub pages.

Deploying manually

  • ./scripts/
  • ./scripts/


All translations live in the _i18n folder.

Adding a new language

  • Create a fork of this repository.
  • Create a copy of _i18n/en.yml and name the file after the locale.
  • Replace the English text with the translated version.
  • Add the language details to the Localization config in _config.yml.
  • Submit a pull request. Find someone in the community familiar with that language to review it.

Suggesting changes

  • Create a fork of this repository.
  • Find the right language in _i18n.
  • Make your change. Submit a pull request.
  • Ping the contributors of your language from below for a review.


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