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  • v0.12.0
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  • v0.12.0
  • 68f25ef
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@brandonlehmann brandonlehmann released this Jan 15, 2019



Build Status Build status

Special Notes

Please note, the build directions have changed

Upgrade to this release is required

Network Upgrade at Block 1,200,000

The v0.12.0 release of the core TurtleCoin suite activates a network upgrade at block 1,200,000 that implements block major version 5. Block major version 5 changes the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm to CN Turtle. Please be sure to update your miners before the network upgrades to continue mining. We're working on the final steps to make sure the algorithm is supported in the most common mining packages and will post news in the official TurtleCoin blog as we are made aware of additional miners supporting the algorithm. In addition to the blog, we urge users to join the TurtleCoin Discord and type *news to be added to the announcements list to be notififed of the latest TurtleCoin updates.

Known Mining Software With CN Turtle Support

Please see the individual package documentation for how to activate the proper algorithm in the mining software.

If your preferred mining software is not listed, please contact the developer of the package and let them know.

Release Notes

General Updates

  • Added CN Turtle support
  • Addition of new libraries:
    • WalletBackend: The replacement for WalletGreen
    • Nigel: The butler that replaces NodeRPCProxy between WalletBackend and zedwallet-beta & wallet-api
  • Addition of new binaries:
    • zedwallet-beta: Upgraded zedwallet using the new WalletBackend
    • wallet-api: Upgraded turtle-service using the new WalletBackend now with RESTful API calls
  • Removal and cleanup of additional dead code paths
  • Resolved issue whereby a premine was not generated correctly in forked projects
  • LWMA3 upgrade rescheduled (tenatively) for block 2,000,000
  • MacOS release builds changed to clang compiled binaries
  • Added CN Dark support
  • Added a License canary to help alert those that fork the project that find all and replace is not the best way to fork the project
  • Updated CMake rules to verify that the compiler will work with the project
  • Refactored CMake rules
  • Added build caching to the CI build tests to speed up the CI process

TurtleCoind Updates

  • Reduced logging verbosity for a number of common benign messages
  • Added new /queryblocksdetailed RPC method
  • Addition of Lite Blocks to help speed up block propagation
  • Activated network upgrade to CN Turtle at block 1,200,000
  • Resolved an issue whereby RPC random outputs were not always shuffled properly
  • Permit the use of HTTP keep-alive headers to keep the connection open
  • Resolved an off-by-one error in the get blocks by height RPC call
  • Resolve an issue whereby it was possible to lock up the daemon with a faulty transaction status check in via RPC

zedwallet Updates

  • Resolved issue where some transfers would fail between addresses in the same container

zedwallet-beta Updates

  • New in 2019!

turtle-service Updates

  • Resolved edge cases where segfaults may occur during service initialization
  • Resolved issue where some transfers would fail between addresses in the same container

wallet-api Updates

  • New in 2019!

miner Updates

  • Usability improvements that prompt users for information instead of relying solely on the CLI arguments
  • Implement the use of the HTTP keep-alive header to re-use the connection the daemon to allow for faster blocktemplate updates

cryptotest Updates

  • Added additional tests for CN Turtle
  • Added additional tests for other algorithms included in the core

Known Issues

  • #603: Error in JSON serialization in multiple RPC methods regarding large uint64_t values
  • #640: Segmentation fault on ARM CPUs running TurtleCoind while synchronizing non-checkpointed blocks

How To Sync Quickly

  • Download the latest checkpoints.csv here
  • Place checkpoints.csv in the same folder as your TurtleCoind daemon
  • Run TurtleCoind with checkpoints added like this:
    Linux, Apple ./TurtleCoind --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv
    Windows TurtleCoind.exe --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv

How To Upgrade from an Older Version

(Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • Open zedwallet.
  • If there are errors about the daemon being offline, you can safely ignore them by typing continue to reach the wallet interface.
  • Export your private keys and/or seed. You can do this by typing backup.
  • If you are in windows, right click the titlebar of the CMD window and select EDIT then MARK so be able to copy and paste your keys.
  • Save the keys/seed somewhere safe.
  • Unzip the new files into a new folder outside of the old version folder.
  • Copy your old wallet file into the new folder.
  • Close the old TurtleCoind and zedwallet by typing exit into each window.
  • Run the new TurtleCoind.
  • Run the new zedwallet.
  • Open your old wallet file in the new zedwallet.

If for some reason your wallet does not open, or does not sync, you can restore your wallet using the previously backed up keys.

  • Open zedwallet.
  • Type key_restore or seed_restore depending on if you have 2 private keys, or a mnemonic seed.
  • Enter your keys/seed when prompted.
  • Use any filename for the wallet name, it does not have to be the same.
  • Use any password for wallet password, it does not have to be the same as the last.

How To Compile

Please see the How To Compile section of the project README for instructions on how to compile this release on your system.


See the TurtleCoin Release page for the full change history.


Cryptonote Developers, Bytecoin Developers, Forknote Project, TurtleCoin Community

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