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@brandonlehmann brandonlehmann released this May 30, 2020 · 128 commits to development since this release



Master Build Status

Build Status

Special Notes

Upgrade to this release is recommended

End of Support (EOS) Notice

Legacy zedwallet is no longer supported. zedwallet++ has officially replaced legacy zedwallet in all builds. If you're having problems with legacy zedwallet, you're on your own.

End of Life (EOL) Notice

Please note that v0.28.0 will be the last release to contain turtle-service. Releases after 0.v28.0 will no longer contain the turtle-service binaries and the code will be removed. In preparation for this EOL, please work to implement wallet-api in your application(s), perform testing, and report any issues that you encounter so that they may be resolved as quickly as possible.

Note: The End of Support (EOS) date for turtle-service has not been set at this time. Please pay attention to release notes for further information regarding turtle-service EOS.

Release Notes

General Updates

  • #1049: Updated with directions for CentOS 7.x (thanks @sohamb03)
  • #1050: Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1f in AARCH64 Cross-Compilation (thanks @rashedmyt)
  • #1051: Updated Windows CI (GH Actions) Builds
  • #1060: Updated CI build instructions to use the latest GH Actions image(s)
  • #1062: Add LevelDB support (big thanks to @wrkzdev & @zpalmtree)
    • Enable use of LevelDB instead of RocksDB using the --db-enable-level-db configuration switch
    • If you'd like to switch to using LevelDB, you must fully resync your node

TurtleCoind Updates

  • #1057: Daemon CORS Header Adjustment (no longer handles an array as that is unsupported in the HTTP header)

zedwallet++ Updates

  • N/A

turtle-service Updates

  • #1061: Fix block with final transaction with invalid public key preventing wallet syncing

wallet-api Updates

  • #1048: Add /transactions/paymentid and /transaction/paymentid/{paymentid} endpoints

miner Updates

  • N/A

cryptotest Updates

  • N/A


  • N/A

Known Issues

  • #893: Incorrectly resetting instead of rewinding on subwallet import
  • #943: wallet-upgrader needs further scrutiny
  • #1021: Buffer overflow in wallet-api
  • #1024: Prevent importing same wallet multiple times
  • #1028: Issue with compiler gcc-7 on Ubuntu 18

How To Sync Quickly

Visit the checkpoints how to use site for simple to follow directions on using checkpoints.

How To Compile

Please see the How To Compile section of the project README for instructions on how to compile this release on your system.


See the TurtleCoin Release page for the full change history.


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