TurtleCoind behind HAProxy

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From polar-it on Discord

There is a lot to add to this to fill details, however this is enough for people familar to get going ;)

If you are not familar with HAProxy then check it out if you're a sysadmin/devops person it is pretty great. If you are a Containers / Kubernetes kind of person then this kind of thing is handle by the load balancers, sometimes they are HAProxy under the covers.

Combine the below with iburnmycd's turtlecoind-ha and turtlecoin-api-proxy and you should have a farily reliable end point for daemon requests.

# main frontend which proxys to the backends
frontend  main *:11898

    default_backend            trtl-daemon 

# round robin balancing between the various backends
backend trtl-daemon 
    balance     roundrobin
    option httpchk GET /getinfo
    http-check expect rstring true

# Local node on port 11999
    server  app1 check
    server  app2 < node host1 >:11898 check
    server  app3 < node host2 >.11898 check
    server  app4 < node host3 >:11898 check

polar-it: This actually work on trtl-explorer.xhub.cloud

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