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Coverts a pdf into a Libreoffice Writer document, with images resized to A4 and anchored as character
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What is pdf2odt

It's a script to convert pdf to LibreOffice Writer document. Pdf pages are converted as images. It uses pdftoppm from poppler to make conversion


Project main page

Doxygen documentation:

Pypi web page:

Installation and use in Linux

If you use Gentoo you can find a ebuild in

To install in other distributions, you must have poppler installed to use pdftoppm command. You can use your distribution package manager

Then just type:

pip install pdf2odt

Once installed you can use it typing:

pdf2odt --pdf doc.pdf doc.odt

If you want OCR, you have to install tesseract application then you have to run

pdf2odt --pdf doc.pdf --tesseract doc.odt

Installation and use in Windows

You need python installed. It works with the latest version. Don't forget to add python executables to PATH, marking it in the installation process.

Then just type:

pip install pdf2odt

Now you have to download poppler for windows from Uncompress the downloaded file and add its installation directory to Windows environment path. Here you have how to do it

Now you can use it typing in windows shell:

pdf2odt --pdf doc.pdf doc.odt

If you want OCR, ou have to download tesseract for windows fromm Then you have to add its installation directory to Windows environment path too.

pdf2odt --pdf doc.pdf --tesseract doc.odt




  • Tesseract language is now showed in output
  • Now pdf2odt validates PDF document


  • Now pdf2odt detects if tesseract language selected is supported.


  • Added OCR support with tesseract
  • Now uses process concurrency and shows a progress bar


  • Fixed problem with white spaces paths in windows.
  • Improved metadata information.


  • Now works on Windows with popper for windows installation


  • Basic functionality
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