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LispWorks Project Generator


LW-PROJECT-GENERATOR is a program that helps in the creation of cross-platform LispWorks projects.


Currently it provides two templates:

  • capi-application

    For creating a CAPI based application with split lisp image and optional codesigning on Mac OS X.

  • tool

    For creating a command-line based application.

  • library

    Very basic template for a library.

Both project templates also have:

  • An optional Git repository initialization with default .gitignore file,
  • A defsystem definition,
  • A defpackage definition,
  • A load script,
  • A build / deliver shell script that puts built product in a directory that depends on the built architecture,
  • A basic top-level debugger hook,


  • The project generator will never overwrite existing files.
  • It is easy to create new project templates.


This creates a CAPI application project called my-app in the current working directory whose system is named COM.WILDORA.MY-APP. A Git repository will be initialized and the produced application will be named "My App".

CL-USER 1 > (project-generator:run "COM.WILDORA.MY-APP" :product-name "My App")
; Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/camille/lisp/my-app/.git/

The new project is ready to build:

tortilla:my-app$ cd my-app/
tortilla:my-app$ sh

[... lots of output ...]
; Delivery successful - /Users/camille/lisp/my-app/delivery/../build/Darwin-x64/My App
; *** Codesigning
; /usr/bin/codesign -s Developer ID Application /Users/camille/lisp/my-app/delivery/../build/Darwin-x64/My 


We can also create a command-line application using the tool project template.

CL-USER 2 > (project-generator:run "COM.WILDORA.FROBULATOR"
                                   :product-name  "frobulator"
                                   :project-template-name "tool"
                                   :destination "/net/projects/"
                                   :git-init-p nil)


This is early release software, it has only been tested on Mac OS X. Please apologize if it does not work on your operating system yet.

The lisp template generator does not output comments yet.

Files produced from templates cannot be named dynamically (e.g. from a variable).

Feedback and suggestions

I would love to receive feedback on how to improve this program. I also need some testing on other platforms than Mac OS X.

Please contact: Camille Troillard