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Version Difference of documents in alfresco share 5.2

I am trying to achive version difference using google api diff patch match in alfresco share. so far i have got the output for the project but there are 4 issues to it.

  1. It reloads the page with an error in repo " java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException:This operation is not supported by a version store implementation of the node service." and if i alter the URL by removing site id then it is stable
  2. Correct formatting of the document is missing it just shows the difference between the words.

alt text Page reloads (my guesss on the basis of a trial is that the versionstore can't be called in a site)

alt text Page is stable when the called outside from site.

  1. The JSON output requires to be improved as it is unable to show differnce for a well formated document.

  2. If the pdf is ocred in alfreso it will be unable to show the output