A minature library for doing pub-sub in the browser.
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CommonJS Pub Sub

A very small pub sub library that whole-heartedly stole all it's ideas (and a good chunk of code) from David Walsh. It has been upated so that it will work all the way down to IE8, hence the lack of hasOwnProperty. You can find the original code here.


npm install common-js-pub-sub

Use with Browserify

var events = require('common-js-pub-sub')()

Publish to a topic

events.publish('/page/load', {
	// doesn't have to be a url any key value pairs can be passed here
	url: '/some/url/path'

Subscribe to a topic

var subscription = events.subscribe('/page/load', function(obj) {
	// Do something now that the event has occurred
	// Note 'obj' represents the object you passed to the publish function

Remove said topic

// Toodles