Atom linter plugin for JavaScript, using JavaScript Standard Style
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This plugin for Linter provides an interface for error/warning messages from standard, semistandard or happiness.



Linter package must be installed in order to use this plugin. If Linter is not installed, please follow the instructions here.

Plugin installation

$ apm install linter-js-standard


  • Support standard, semistandard and happiness styles.
  • Support ignore glob patterns in package.json.
  • Support custom parsers in package.json.
  • Support global variables in package.json (supported by standard and semistandard)
  • Support fenced code lint in markdown files

Custom parsers currently supported:

  • esprima
  • esprima-fb
  • babel-eslint

Note: If a custom parser is missing from this list please make a PR by adding the missing parser to package.json dependencies.


checkStyleDevDependencies (default: false)

Check code style in package.json devDependencies. If a valid style is not found it won't lint.

Note: This will use the nearest package.json.

honorStyleSettings (default: true)

Honors style settings defined in package.json.

Current style settings supported:

  • ignore
  • parser

Note: This will use the nearest package.json.

style (default: standard)

Switch between standard and semistandard styles. If checkStyleDevDependencies is true this setting will be ignored.

showEslintRules (default: false)

Enable/disable showing the id of the offended eslint rules.

Example of messages while showEslintRules is:

  • true: Extra semicolon. (semi)
  • false: Extra semicolon.

lintMarkdownFiles (default: false)

Lint markdown fenced code blocks.

Global Variable Support

To have the linter ignore global variables, add a section to your package.json:

"semistandard": {
    "globals": [
"standard": {
    "globals": [

If honorStyleSettings is checked/true, the linter will not warn about undeclared variables that are listed in the globals array.