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This is a seed project that I have created to build static websites.


Current Features

  1. Unit Testing using, Karma, Mocha, Chai.
  2. CoffeeScript Code.
  3. Live reload for development purposes.
  4. AngularJS based Architecture.
  5. Using Karma as the test runner.
  6. Using LessCSS for dynamic stylesheets.
  7. Chai is used as the assertion library.
  8. Publish to GH-pages.
  9. Package, minify, JS and CSS.
  10. CSS, Javascript updated with each version.
  11. Tag every release.
  12. Auto generates a manifest file for developing offline html5 applications.
  13. Now installs bower components automatically after the npm install command.

Upcoming Features

  1. Integrate with Travis.

Request one!

Starting Development

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Install dependencies.

    npm install
    bower install
  3. Start development server

  4. Visit the application on localhost:3000

Publish to gh-pages

To create a tag and release a version, use the grunt release command.

Once your code has been finalised and released to the repository, run the grunt publish task.

NOTE: Make sure you release first and then publish.

Test the application

  1. Install Karma globally.
  2. Run karma tests/