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Architecture Quality Evolution

A utility program to analyze architecture quality evolution for Java programs. It uses DesigniteJava Enterprise to analyze multiple versions of a Java project and detect architecture smells. This utility then produces evolution data (LOC and number of architecture smells in each version) and plots (architecture smell density, version-wise architecture smell distribution, and component dependency structure).

How to run

Prerequisite and assumptions

  1. This utility assumes you have DesigniteJava Enterprise edition on your machine with Java 8+ installed. You may download DesigniteJava Enterprise from Designite website. Also, it is assumed that each individual commit that is being analyzed contains less than 50,000 LOC. The trial version of DesigniteJava does not export the analysis results if LOC in the analyzed version crosses this threshold. If you wish to analyze more than 50,000 LOC then consider buying DesigniteJava Enterprise license. If you are an academic researcher, you may request for a free academic license.
  2. It assumes that your code is in a git repository. It copies the source code folder specified by you to a temporary location, checkout different versions of the repository and analyzes them.
  3. It attempts to build your code using maven using mvn clean install -DskipTests. If you are not using maven or your build requires much more complex setup, you may change the implementation of analyze_project._build_project method. The tool requires classpath folders to analyze and resolve symbols correctly. The tool finds all the classpath folders if they are present in the provided source code folder.
  4. The utility is dependent on following modules:
    • matplotlib
    • networkx
    • numpy
    • PyDriller

How to run

Specify the following parameters in

  • Full path of DesigniteJava
  • Full path of source code folder
  • Full path of temporary folder
  • Full path of output folder (don't keep any other files/folders in this folder; this utility will delete all of them before generating result of the analysis)
  • Number of versions to analyze

Then, run the python file using python3


Sample output and screenshots

This utility produces following csv files.

  • Smell analysis summary
  • Smell distribution across analyzed versions

It also generates and stores following plots.

  • Architecture smell density vs versions
  • Architecture smell distribution vs versions
  • Component dependency structure. It is generated for all analyzed versions but only when DesigniteJava detects a dense structure architecture smell in that version.

When analyzed Jenkins, the utility produced the output presented below.

Smell analysis summary

Version Commit-hash Date LOC Total architecture smells
V1 8a0dc230f44e84e5a7f7920cf9a31f09a54999ac 2006-11-05 29345 14
V2 c817a9dae8fbc406ee4d62ddfc10d57424ee8a2e 2008-03-03 61742 34
V3 f4302f544d0fb0165cdd10da073d06678e66ebe3 2009-04-03 89374 47
V4 7c3e2b1cf449c84865df159365f1a5224eab25e8 2010-12-22 118664 79
V5 753d6253485b0bd0b328b89bc39927fc44b37611 2011-12-25 127511 91
V6 5894e301abcb1fe434cee9b7385af3ace11d1cb6 2013-05-22 144107 105
V7 149d078adb3a08755978095f895d692305150ba3 2014-08-10 147747 96
V8 57473e82ce63db47bbaf53383629aa2bd14def26 2016-02-03 155904 96
V9 adf01d08884bcebbb802543fb71c68073bb6c7cc 2017-07-22 178189 115
V10 374ce3a0d8a65d8e5e74111f5da9488e9a46c2ca 2019-08-16 203144 122

Smell distribution across analyzed versions

Version Ambigious interface Cyclic dependency Dense structure God component Feature concentration Scattered functionality Unstable dependency
8a0dc230f44e84e5a7f7920cf9a31f09a54999ac 0 1 0 1 8 0 4
c817a9dae8fbc406ee4d62ddfc10d57424ee8a2e 0 2 0 8 16 1 7
f4302f544d0fb0165cdd10da073d06678e66ebe3 0 2 0 9 23 4 9
7c3e2b1cf449c84865df159365f1a5224eab25e8 0 3 1 16 34 10 15
753d6253485b0bd0b328b89bc39927fc44b37611 0 3 1 16 39 13 19
5894e301abcb1fe434cee9b7385af3ace11d1cb6 0 1 1 20 48 16 19
149d078adb3a08755978095f895d692305150ba3 0 1 1 19 49 9 17
57473e82ce63db47bbaf53383629aa2bd14def26 0 1 1 18 50 7 19
adf01d08884bcebbb802543fb71c68073bb6c7cc 0 1 1 18 53 19 23
374ce3a0d8a65d8e5e74111f5da9488e9a46c2ca 0 1 1 21 57 18 24

Architecture smell density vs versions

Architecture smell density

Architecture smell distribution vs versions

Architecture smell distribution

Component dependency structure

Component dependency structure

It shows names of 5 packages with highest degree (dependency to other packages).


A utility program to analyze architecture quality evolution for Java programs




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