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DbDeo - Database smell detector


It contains several components for downloading repos from github, collecting relevant metrics, and so on. Here is the how these tools can be used:

  1. Download repositories - Use SQLRepoDownload to download repositories to analyze

  2. Extract SQL code - Use SQLExtract to extract sql statements from the downloaded repositories The SQLExtract module compute basic database metrics including number of files belonging to major programming language as well as total LOC, and total number of files in a set of repositories.

  3. Detect database smells - Use DbDeo to detect database smells in the downloaded repos. It also aggregates the detected results and generates a consolidated csv file containing no of detected smells per repository.


This project downloads repositories provided via a csv file from GitHub and checks whether the downloaded repo has any SQL code. If the repo has SQL code, it retains the repo otherwise deletes it.

The entry file for the project is SQLRepoDownload/


The entry file for the project is SQLExtract/

  • SQL statement extraction happens in two stages. In the first stage, we analyze the whole repository (all the files), and extract sql statements (select, insert, and create), and put them in a sql file (one per each repo). In the second phase, we cleanse the extracted sql statements by employing stricter regular expressions.
  • It also computes basic database metrics such as number of select, insert, and create table statements per repository.
  • It also computes number of files belonging to major programming language as well as total LOC, and total number of files in a set of repositories.
  • This module also detects the nature of the repository; a project could be a Mobile, Web, or Desktop application.
  • Finally, it computes the used ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for each repository.


This project analyzes database code and detect database smells. Currently, it supports detection of following database smells:

  • Compound Attribute
  • Adjacency List
  • God Table
  • Values in Column Definition
  • Metadata as Data
  • Multicolumn Attribute
  • Clone Tables
  • Duplicate Column Names
  • Index Shotgun
  • Obsolete Column Types

The entry file for the project is DbDeo/ It also aggregates the results from each of the repository and prepares a csv file containing no of each type of detected smells per repository.


The tool depends on the following external libraries:

Using distribution

The compiled source has been put in SQLExtract_dist folder. You may directly execute the SQLExtract command on terminal (rather than installing dependencies and executing source code using python). The folder has executable files for Mac as well as for Windows operating system. Therefore, go to SQLExtract_dist\SQLExtract_win if you are working on Windows.

SQLExtract takes one parameter - the absolute path of the folder where you have put all the projects to analyze. For instance, if the folder /Users/Tushar/Workspace/all_projects contains folders containing source code belonging to different projects such as project1, project2, and so on, then specify the following command:

$ ./SQLExtract /path/to/all_projects/