Taksidiotis – Athens from Athenian Perspective
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Taksidiotis – Athens travel guide by the Greeks

Important: Please send your GitHub username to Tushar (if you have not shared it yet either in the lab or via email) so that you can contribute to this repo as a collaborator.


  • Clone this repo
  • Add interesting places (such as museum, bar, or restaurant), activity (walking tour, or food/wine-tasting tour), or anything interesting for a tourist to the guide.md file
  • Contribute to at least 3 categories
  • The important thing is – you, as a Greek, are recommending it
  • You may change/modify text added by others
  • Try to arrange the entries in categories (such as ‘Tour’, ‘Food’, ‘History’, and ‘Islands’)
  • Commit your changes
  • Push to the GitHub repo (if required pull and resolve merge conflicts)

Deadline – 5 PM, Feb 28, 2018