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@connyduck connyduck released this Feb 10, 2020

  • You can now bookmark statuses & list your bookmarks in Tusky. This requires Mastodon 3.1 or compatible server software to work.
  • You can now schedule toots with Tusky. Note that the time you select has to be at least 5 minutes in the future.
  • On servers that support it, hidden media will now be displayed as colorful gradient ("blurhash"). You can disable this feature in the preferences.
  • You can now add lists to the main screen.
  • You can now post audio attachments with Tusky.
  • Keybase proofs will now be shown on profiles
  • support for Android 10
  • The Material design has been updated: More rounded corners and slighty different color scheme
  • A lot of other small improvements, bug fixes, internal refactorings and code cleanup.
  • New translations: Islandic, Kabylian and Slovakian

Contributors to this release: @charlag @Tak @mal0ki @kyori19 @nailyk-fr @ariasuni @viviicat @a1batross @jmontane @danialbehzadi @ati3 @BoFFire @jeroenpraat @sveinki @friederbluemle @vskjefst @JuanjoSalvador @tolstoevsky @simevo @gerazo @knuxify @xSojo @subins2000 @balasankarc @CryptKid @Aditoo17 @Mstrodl @selfisekai @aeta39 @ahangarha and translators on Weblate

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