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@connyduck connyduck released this Sep 15, 2019 · 40 commits to master since this release

  • You can now create Polls from Tusky
  • New search that implements the Mastodon search v2 endpoint and can display infinite results
  • New option in Account Preferences to always expand content warnings
  • Avatars in the navigation drawer have now a rounded square shape like everywhere else in the app
  • It is now possible to report users even when they never posted a status (e.g. for spam in profile descriptions)
  • Added support for the max_bio_chars instance property so you can enter longer profile descriptions on instances that provide it
  • Tusky will now refuse to connect over cleartext connections on Android 6+ (was 9+)
  • Sensitive media previews will now only be loaded when revealed in order to save bandwith
  • A lot of other small improvements and bug fixes

This will be the last release that will be distributed via Amazon Appstore. If you use Amazon Appstore, please consider switching to F-Droid.

Contributors to this release: @Tak @charlag @mal0ki @BoFFire @JuanjoSalvador @koyuawsmbrtn @MasterGroosha @vskjefst @Kjwon15 @lptprjh @CryptKid @gerazo @ariasuni @nailyk-fr @uckfayer @HellPie @pandasoft0 @knuxify and translators on Weblate

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