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Base Codeigniter App

Note: this contains a variety of submodules. after cloning, be sure to git submodule update --init --recursive and you should be good to go.

Includes the following submodules:

  • CodeIgniter - application folder is outside so that we can just pull vanilla codeigniter updates.
  • Twitter Bootstrap - in assets/twitter_bootstrap. This is my fork of bootstrap to allow for minification of js without breaking. I keep it updated from the main repo though. (I submitted a pull request on this but they wouldn't change it due to "strong opinions about semicolons").
  • Kenji's CIUnit - a fork of CIUnit (PHPUnit support for CodeIgniter applications) that works in CodeIgniter 2. This is on bitbucket in mercurial so I couldn't add it as a submodule unfortunately. The way it is set up it spreads all over the application folder anyway so it's not just a drop-in tool. For sample tests clone his repo. The version included is from January 28, 2012.
  • QUnit - for JS unit testing.
  • JQuery Mockjax - excellent tool for mocking ajax requests for JS unit testing.
  • Carabiner - drop-in to third_party version of Carabiner - an asset management library. (with added LessPHP support)
  • CI Authentication - An authentication package for CodeIgniter.

Additional tweaks:

  • Welcome page is re-done with:
  • twitter bootstrap
  • less css
  • minified and combined JS and CSS through Carabiner
  • simple template setup
  • global form_validation delimiters for twitter bootstrap set in libraries/MY_Form_validation.php
  • htaccess from html5boilerplate with codeigniter snippet at the top to remove index.php.


  • assets/cache needs to be writable
  • application/db_cache needs to be writable for database query caching to work
  • application/cache needs to be writable for page caching to work