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What do all those files mean?

  • zend_language_parser.y: Original PHP grammer this parser is based on
  • zend_language_parser.phpy: PHP grammer written in a pseudo language
  • analyze.php: Analyzes the .phpy-grammer and outputs some info about it
  • rebuildParser.php: Preprocesses the .phpy-grammar and builds the parser using kmyacc
  • kmyacc.php.parser: A kmyacc parser prototype file for PHP

.phpy pseudo language

The .phpy file is a normal grammer in kmyacc (yacc) style, with some transformations applied to it:

  • Nodes are created using the syntax Name[..., ...]. This is transformed into new PHPParser_Node_Name(..., ..., $attributes)
  • Name::abc is transformed to PHPParser_Node_Name::abc
  • Some function-like constructs are resolved (see rebuildParser.php for a list)
  • Associative arrays are written as [key: value, ...], which is transformed to array('key' => value, ...)

Building the parser

In order to rebuild the parser, you need moriyoshi's fork of kmyacc. After you compiled/installed it, run the rebuildParser.php file.

By default only the Parser.php is built. If you want to build the Parser/Debug.php and the y.output file you need to call the file with the debug option: rebuildParser.php?debug.