@bedhub bedhub released this Jan 31, 2019 · 79 commits to master since this release



  • Mail folders now show the amount of unread mail 🎉 (#234)
  • The current Tutanota version (and a link to the release notes) is now visible in the settings
  • Thanks to our awesome translators, Tutanota is now available in Latvian, Persian and Arabic.

Desktop Client

  • The last closed windows' size & position is now remembered when opening a new window (#1049 )
  • Options to run client as tray app and start-on-login (#1041, #1050)
  • Configuration for default downloads folder (#1021)
  • We now catch and report unexpected errors in the main thread (#1019)


  • fix loading mails after reconnect (#1068)

Desktop Client

  • The auto-updater no longer loads the updates multiple times in parallel (#1032)
  • Cmd+H and Cmd+W shortcuts should now behave correctly on MacOs (#1031)
  • Context menu is more robust (#1036)
  • Update Notification is clearer now (#1034)



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