World Neighborhoods is a world-wide locations database.
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Do you know the names of the neighborhoods in your city? Contribute to the world neighborhoods list!

Edit directly in your browser here on Github, it's easy:

  1. Edit the .yml file for your country.
  2. Type the names of the neighborhoods in your city.
  3. Done - You have just made a contribution to humanity. Pat yourself on the back.

Please format the list like this:

  - Neighborhood One
  - Neighborhood Two
  - Neighborhood Three

Here is a sample file for Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Because a free and open list of neighborhoods simply does not exist on the internet. WAT? How can this be? Yes we were suprised also. Help turn this WAT? into an OMG!

World Neighborhoods is a world-wide neighborhoods database. The goal is to build a hierarchically organized list of world-wide locations, from countries all the way down to neighborhoods.

The names of cities were extracted from

Notes on editing:

You may edit the files either through Github's web interface (just go to the file you want to improve, click "Edit this file" link and send the updates), or through forking and sending Pull Requests.

The only requirement is the correctness of additions and updates (of course), and to follow YAML's format.

Chef Surfing

world_neighborhoods was extracted from Chef Surfing: "Find and hire great cooking talent in your city for a catered event, cooking class or weekly meal."