Setup blender to be usable as a simple video editor
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Edit video using blender

French version

Blender is not only a 3D application, it can be use to edit video.
We are going to learn how to do a simple edit.

Setup the interface

We need to setup blender interface.
The easiest way is to download a ready-to-use session and make it the default session.

  • Download this file :
  • Click on minimal_vse.blend
  • Save the session as default : CTRL-U puis ENTER

When you restart blender, the interface will stay on Video Editing

Let's take a look at the interface.

Blender VSE

  • At the top, We can see the video preview
  • At the bottom, We can see the sequence editor
  • At the right, We can see the properties of our project

Add a video sequence

Sequence Editor
To add a video/audio sequence, just drag and drop the file into the sequencer editor Two strips will be created:

  • Dark blue : Video
  • Cyan : Audio

Play the video

  • Key ALT-A : Play the video
  • Key P : Set preview zone

Cut a sequence

  • Right Click : Select the sequence
  • Left Click : Move the green bar
  • Key K : Cut the sequence

Move a sequence

  • Right Click : Select a sequence
  • Key G : Move the selected sequence
  • Key B : Select multiple sequences

Save your movie

Once, you have edit your video, You will have to render it.
Before this, save your project (File/Save As at the top).
You should saved the .blend file in the same folder than the videos.

Render movie

Set the duration

  • With the green bar move at the beginning / end of the movie
  • Take note of the start frame and the end frame (At the bottom)
  • Copy this value on the right in Frame Range (Start Frame/End Frame)


Video save path

  • On the left in Output, check the path where the video will be saved
  • Click on Animation
  • The video will be saved on c:\videos

The sequence editor will be replaced by a video player. To put the sequence editor back, click on the icon at the Bottom Left with a picture icon and change it to Video Sequence Editor VSE Icon


VSE Icon