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@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ <h1><a href=""></a></h1>
<!--[if !IE]><script>fixScale(document);</script><!--<![endif]-->
<script id="sidebar_template" type="text/x-underscore" charset="utf-8">
+ <em>(Click on us!)</em>
<% _(visible).each(function(values, name) { %>
<h3><%= name %> (<%= visible_counts[name] %>)</h3>
@@ -8,12 +8,23 @@ README is a simple hack that uses GitHub Pages to fulfill a need of mine: easily collecting and forking programming tutorials and offering polyglot versions.
+Amazon has proven (citation needed) that faceted navigation is superior to search, so let's use that idea for education!
+For now, each topic is its own page, and you use the sidebar navigation to drill down into a variant that's most useful to you. It might not look like it, but __the navigation is clickable!__ Try clicking on a language in the [Hello, World!](/pages/hello-world.html) example to get a feel for the navigation.
+I _really_ like the idea of customized documentation. If you're looking for documentation, you no longer have to parse a generic tutorial for what's relavent to you and your setup. And if you're an author, you no longer need to inline special directions if someone's on xyz architecture. Just fork the repo, copy an existing tutorial, update the tags, and send a pull request!
+In the future, I'll add cookies so the site will apply filters for you and a central collection of tags/values so we have some consistency across various tutorials.
+This project originated as a full-blown rails app backed by a database, and I reached a point where I needed user accounts and git repos. Dreading that, I threw it all away for a simpler, git-based workflow to upload data. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and find it useful.
-* [Installing MySQL](pages/installing-mysql.html)
-* [Hello, World!](pages/hello-world.html "Hello, World!")
-* [Explanation of how it works](pages/test.html)
+* [Installing MySQL](/pages/installing-mysql.html)
+* [Hello, World!](/pages/hello-world.html "Hello, World!")
+* [Explanation of how it works](/pages/test.html)

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