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Envato Tuts+ Tutorial: How to Create a WordPress Landing Page Template

Instructor: Rachel McCollin

One of the purposes of a website is to generate leads. This can happen a number of ways: you might have a form for people to contact you for a specific quote, you might encourage people to create an account when buying goods on your site, or you might have a lead magnet that you give people in return for their email address.

If you're using a lead magnet or you have a page on your site specifically designed to sell one item—whether that be a subscription, a service or a product—then you want to discourage people from clicking away from that page without buying or giving you their email address.

This kind of page is called a landing page. It's a page designed to be part of your marketing funnel, to generate leads or to sell something. The purpose of the page is very simple, and you don't want people doing anything else once they've landed on it.

To minimize the chances of people navigating away before they've bought or signed up, you want to reduce the number of links on your landing page. It should have no widgets, no navigation menus. You don't want people leaving it to browse your site. Even the link to the home page in the header needs to go, along with any links in your colophon at the very bottom of the page.

In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a page template for your theme that achieves that. It'll contain no links to anything outside the page content. Visitors to the page will have no choice but to hit the Buy or Sign Up button.

These are source files for the Envato Tuts+ tutorial: How to Create a WordPress Landing Page Template

Available on Envato Tuts+. Teaching skills to millions worldwide.