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This branch is deprecated!

This branch is deprecated. All new work is happening on the v2 branch.

BG's Emacs Setup

A fresh approach to managing my Emacs setup. Still a work in progress.


The main idea behind my new setup is to make it very easy to customize the settings and add new libs.

There is no magic in here.

Directory Structure

Everything is contained in a bunch of directories and .el files. The directory structure is somewhat like this -

    - init.el # the main entry point
    - config # config files for every mode
    - etc # additional file for modes
    - lib # place to put/symlink libs
    - vendor
      - checkouts # place to extract lib tarballs
      - submodules # place to put lib git submodules
    - tmp # temporary stuff

To understand how to add your own library take a look at config/ac.el and the corresponding files in lib and vendor/submodules.

Supported Languages

  • Clojure
  • Contributions welcome!


Based on the work of Sam Aaron.