A "seed" for SPARQL/Linked Data apps based on PHP and ARC2
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ARC2 Starter Pack - a "seed" for SPARQL/Linked Data apps employing ARC2

Public example at http://tuukka.sioc-project.org/arc2-starter-pack
Developed at http://github.com/tuukka/arc2-starter-pack
Home at http://linkeddata.deri.ie/services/infrastructure/software


1. You need to have
  - a WWW server with PHP5 or PHP4.3 or higher.
  - MySQL 4.0.4 or higher.

Quick installation

1. Move this 'arc2-starter-pack' directory to a web server directory.

2. Download ARC2 (http://arc.semsol.org) and unzip it inside the 
   'arc2-starter-pack' directory.
  - E.g. http://arc.semsol.org/download/2009/03/05/arc.zip

3. Continue with a Web browser to the 'arc2-starter-pack' directory.
  a) E.g. http://localhost/arc2-starter-pack/index.php
  b) *Or*, you can continue on the command line (see below).

Installation on the command line

1. Continue from the previous steps by editing the parameters in config.php.

2. Create the database with the name you used for db_name in the config.
  - Either use a graphical MySQL administration interface such as phpmyadmin,
  - Or run the following command in the shell:
    mysql -h localhost -u config_db_user -p -e "create database config_db_name;"

3. You can restrict access to the SPARQL server using the following methods:

  a) You can set read and write API keys that clients need to match.
    - Edit config.php and set endpoint_*_keys to something hard to guess.

  b) Add access control rules (password, IP address) to a .htaccess file.

4. That's all! Now you can use ARC2 with SPARQL and SPARQL+:

  a) Access index.php and endpoint.php with a Web browser.

  b) Run cli.php on the command line:
    - chmod +x cli.php
    - ./cli.php "LOAD <http://chatlogs.planetrdf.com/swig/2009-07-26>"
    - ./cli.php "LOAD <file:///home/user/local_file.rdf>"
    - ./cli.php "LOAD <file://$PWD/file_in_current_dir.ttl>"
    - ./cli.php "SELECT DISTINCT ?property WHERE { ?subject ?property ?object . }"
    - ./cli.php "DELETE FROM <http://chatlogs.planetrdf.com/swig/2009-07-26>"

  c) Edit index.php to become your own application.

Example .htaccess file for controlling access

To restrict who can access the SPARQL endpoint by IP address, you can put 
the following lines (please adjust accordinly) into .htaccess:

Order deny,allow
Deny from all

# List IP addresses of the clients that should be allowed 
Allow from # localhost, ie. access from the same machine
Allow from # tuukka.iki.fi