ESP ILI9341 driver based on the Espressif SPI master example
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ESP ILI9341 Driver

ESP ILI9341 display driver. Supports M5Stack out of the box. Everything is still work in progress. Things will change without warning. I'm doing this to learn C.

Software License


First initialise the ILI9341 driver. SPI speed and pins can be changed with $ make menuconfig. Default settings will work with M5Stack. Other than that the driver provides only putpixel and blit functions. It is meant to be used with an external graphics library such as copepod.

#include <driver/spi_master.h>

#include "ili9341.h"

spi_device_handle_t spi;

ili9431_putpixel(spi, x0, y0, color);
ili9431_blit(spi, x0, y0, w, h, &bitmap)


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

Based on Espressif provided SPI Master example which was released to Public Domain: