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@@ -26,25 +26,25 @@ This causes all images of class lazy to be lazy loaded.
More information on "Lazy Load": project page.
-h3. Changelog
+h1. Changelog
-h4. 1.8.1
+h3. 1.8.1
* Fix bug "#48": In some cases initial scroll was needed for images to load. ("Nick George":
* Fix bug "#42": Reset internal failure counter when image is found. Makes counter logic more intuitive. ("Josep del Rio":
* Fix bug "#52": Fix :in-viewport convenience method. ("Jonathan Palardy":
-h4. 1.8.0
+h3. 1.8.0
* Allow different elements to use different containers. ("Rob Walch":
-h4. 1.7.1
+h3. 1.7.1
* Fix bug "#18": Document was always scrolled to top issue on IE 7 and Chrome 17 if using jQuery 1.6 or older. ("Ross Allen":
* General code speedup ("Valentin Zwick":
-h4. 1.7.0
+h3. 1.7.0
* Optimized viewport selectors. Around 25% "speed increase": compared to "1.6.0":
* Add _data_attribute_ parameter. Allows custom naming of original data attribute. ("Bryan Chow":
@@ -54,23 +54,23 @@ h4. 1.7.0
* Renamed _effectspeed_ parameter to _effect_speed_. Old version will still works couple of versions. This parameter was previously undocumented.
* Fix _failure_limit_ bug "#19": ("Brandon":
-h4. 1.6.0
+h3. 1.6.0
* Rename original attribute to data-original to be HTML5 friendly.
* Remove all code regarding placeholder and automatically removing src attribute. It does not work with modern browsers. Must use data-original attribute instead.
* Add support for James Padolseys "scrollstop event": Use when you have hundreds of images.
* Add _skip_invisible_ parameter. When true plugin will skip invisible images. ("Valentin Zwick":
* Renamed _failurelimit_ parameter to _failure_limit_. Old version will still work couple of versions.
-h4. 1.5.0
+h3. 1.5.0
* Support for removing the src attribute already in HTML. This is not a drop in solution but gives additional speed for those who need it. (Jeremy Pollock)
-h4. 1.4.0
+h3. 1.4.0
* When scrolling down quickly do not load the images above the top. (Bart Bruil)
-h4. 1.3.2
+h3. 1.3.2
* Support for scrolling within a container.
* Fixed IE not loading images.

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