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A portable cross assembler for 6502 based systems, primarily commodore 64.
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jasm6502 - A portable cross assembler for 6502 based systems.
(c) David Schager 2006 (
version 0.6.2


Program description:
jasm6502 is a cross assembler running on any java enabled platform.
The assembler, when properly set up and invoked from the command line, is capable of compiling one or multiple sourcefile into a binary for 6502 cpu based systems.
The features includes the essential utilities such as labels, basic mathematical expressions, identifiers, byte/word strings, and nestable procedures with their own namespace.
Any block of 6502 assembler source text may be output to a given origin in the binary. Unused space is padded with zeroes.

You need java sdk version 1.4 and higher installed, and have the java compiler (javac) in your path.
Then use the command line to change into the jasm6502 source code directory and enter either:

$ javac


$ jar cvfm jasm6502.jar manifest AbstractAssembler.class AbstractLexer.class AbstractParser.class AsciiTranslator.class Assembler6502.class C64LowerCaseTranslator.class C64UpperCaseTranslator.class Evaluator.class InfixToPostfix.class jasm6502.class Lexer6502.class LexerException.class MachineCode6502.class Namespace.class Parser6502.class ParserException.class Symbol.class SymbolConstant6502.class SymbolTable.class

To produce a normal compilation, or a jar file. 


First put the directory containing the compiled jasm6502 class files/jar-file in your PATH variable.
If you compiled jasm6502 into a jar, another option is copying the jar directly into the directory containing the 6502 source files you will assemble.
Then invoke jasm6502,
$ java jasm6502 source.asm
$ java -jar jasm6502 source.asm

Invoking without a source file argument will produce a simple message on usage and program arguments.
For instructions on the features and format of the input 6502 assembler source files,
see the documentations in ./doc/jasm6502.txt (or instructions.txt if you downloaded the binary package)

This software is provided free of charge, with no warranty what so ever.
The author takes no responsibility on its usage, its functionality or any other possible event it may involve.
Use it on your own risk.

This README was written 2010/10/29.

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